.the difference makes the difference

surla [sur la... (french): on top of the... ] doesn't make clothing. at least not the traditional way. if that is what you're looking for, then you might want to head over to one of the hundreds of thousands of places to get your wear. this is a place of innovation and a look at garment you haven't seen before. a different one.



 sustainability, being a core element of surla deserves its own designated page.

.getting edgy

a crazy idea we've had back in 2020. it took us almost two years to get the squared visor caps into the store. the first step was to file a design patent in europe and the usa. a lengthy process, in which we patiently had to hide the prototypes from the internet. afterwards we had to find a supplier, who could help us to produce the caps in higher quantities.

in June 2022, finally the caps have arrived in our headquarter in schönberg, germany. we took them to the closest beach for a shooting and here we are.

.surla original

surla evolves around water sports and the proximity to the sea - hence the logo ;-). while the time spent on the water surely is the best thing in the world, the time before the session [being all excited to get wet] and the time after the session [that deep satisfaction and happiness] are the next best things. 

this is where the surla hoodies, made from terry towel fabric from the 'original drop' came into play.

while this is not a reinvention of the wheel, it certainly feels like a product we hadn't seen or felt before.


.new products, new challenges

with new products, come new challenges. beside innovation and differentiation, sustainability and a high production quality are the pillars of surla's foundation.

using 100% certified organic cotton for the terry towel fabric, the hoodies don't stretch like traditional clothing. we know that finding something that perfectly fits always is a major concern when buying clothes. that's why we took our time to find the perfect fit and ended up with two sizes: S/M and L/XL. we also have a detailed size guide with examples, so you don't have to worry about choosing the right size. 

since terry cloth is delicate, we also have a care guide so you can use your hoodie for many years to come.

surla hoodies are made to be worn with nothing underneath. while traditional clothing has size tags, washing tags and uncomfortable pockets, we focussed on keeping the inside as clean as possible. the size tags are hidden on the outside and the washing labels are behind or inside the pockets. That makes for a very special feel.

even compared to the classic loose poncho, surla hoodies feel very different and cozier compared to a poncho, as you have a closer connection with the fabric.

.good things need time

figuring out these concerns and most importantly finding a supplier and manufacturer that produces with quality standards and under fair conditions took us a while. while the brand was officially registered on 18th of january 2018, the surla.eu website saw the light of day for the first time on 9th of August 2020..a few words  

nico prien windsurfer, surfer, ocean lover, video creator, husband, founder of surla