our responsibilities are fair labour conditions, a sustainable approach to our decisions and transparent communication. you will see that not everything is perfect yet, but we are striving to minimize our footprint on earth and to enable everyone involved in our products a life in dignity and joy.

.fair labour

our caps are produced with our german agent hatmakers.de. they produce the caps for us at a relatively small family business in vietnam. here are some insights into the surla production.

more production insights here.


of course, the first step is to make lasting products, but there is more...

recycled packaging   organic cotton



we are far from perfect. but we see it as a journey. every day we try to make the best decisions based on the given circumstances.

the best decision also means to share every information with you, like you are our best friend. what we are doing, what we can do, what we can't do and why.

this way we can hold ourselves accountable and possibly you can even help us become better at what we're doing. got any ideas? don't hesitate to contact us at nico(at)surla.eu