care guide

hi there. we're not your mom, but we would like to tell you how to do your laundry.

surla hoodies are made from towel cloth and spiced up with various design elements. for the hoodie to stay cozy, keep its size and for the design elements to wear out less, we would like to give you following washing instructions.

1. and foremost 


2. wash your surla hoodie inside out

3. wash it with similar colors only (white with white and black with black)

4. machine wash cold only, at max 30°c !

5. don't bleach your hoodie

6. if you want to iron it up, do so carefully at low temperature

7. don't tumble dry your surla hoodie


terry cloth is a delicate fabric, providing a cozy feel on your skin. due to the delicacy of terry towel even under normal use, after a while, single strings of the fabric can loosen. we advise to leave them for a "used look“, or to simply cut them off.

the 3d prints can naturally decrease in weight over time.